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Organized Plans

an outline of actionable objectives

United Genius

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Produce efficient and effective sources of goods & services.

We realize private sector business concerns create economic strength. Personal and economic freedoms enhance our response to private and public demands arising from a global marketplace.

Let's explore a public-private partnership that values public interest and competitive private enterprises, working together to produce efficient and effective sources of goods and services.

  • Dustin W. McQuillan, CPA

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    Are you an owner, tenant, manager or licensee?

    Organize plans to last a legacy.

    Build an organized plan that clarifies your values. Identify goals and target results with budgets, forecasts and projections of your time and money.

    Upgrade to the Microsoft cloud.

    Subscribe to Office 365 to get a hosted exchange account and customize your primary email address with all the latest software and tools.

    Streamline social media accounts.

    Maintain brand consistency across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Consider how to manage your content across all accounts.

    Measure capital to assess returns.

    Subscribe to QuickBooks Online and work with a ProAdvisor to reconcile cash and credit accounts, organize bills, track receivables and much more.

    Invest in a brand domain.

    Get a custom domain that represents your brand and forward your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail emails to a hosted exchange email account.

    Manage a file directory in the cloud.

    Secure your files and explore how Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, ShareFile, and Box enable you to access information from anywhere.

    Manage your information system.

    Design, develop and simplify the way you manage information systems. Configure desktops, laptops, phones and other media devices to sync.

    Publish a brand new site.

    Install WordPress on a virtual private server, customize a theme, activate plug-ins, setup Google Analytics and Search Console properties.

    Consult a professional advisor.

    Work with those who can help you realize what it is you need to do. Then you make the decision and follow through with action.